This is just something I was thinking about after reading about belt test fees.

Say that you have a student who joins your class and gets to the point where he is ready for promotion. Your program involves paying a certain amount of $$$ and everyone else pays. This student says that he doesn't care about promotion and declines the test if he has to pay for it. He tells you that he will just stay at his present rank and keep training.

As an instructor in a Professional Facility, what do you do?

Do you allow him to keep training at his current rank and restrict him to material appropriate for his level?

Do you allow him to keep training and allow him to work "outside the belt curriculum" to advance on his own without belts?

Do you pressure him to pay the fee and take the promotion?

Do you "comp" his fee and test him anyway, so that he will progress in both skill and belt level along with everyone else?

We don't charge for belt promotions and have no formalized tests for our adults so this is not for me. I was just curious as I have seen students balk about test fees.