A bit of correction, Dereck. Back then it was called Neander-Do, not Taekwondo.

The name Taekwondo came about when a Neanderthal was given a piece of skin with stick-figure drawings on them by another Neanderthal.

Nean-B: "Hey, that looks pretty good. What is it?"

Nean-A: "Oh, they drawings of a fighting art I'm practicing. It's called Neander-Do".

Nean-B: "Those drawings look good!".

Nean-A: "Nah, they're just stick-figures. But here, take one, though"

And thus were born Take-One-Though.


Matt, it goes even further back then that. Back when Neanderthal man first learned that his feet were not only for running but he could defend himself by kicking, a ruthless caveman filed the rights to kicking and later it has evolved to what is known as Taekwondo. If you look in caves you will see stick figures shown kicking and that is Taekwondo.