Hello Hedkikr:

Why the goofy intro's.... ?

To give the judges time to finish their cups of coffee (or whatever is in those huge unmarked thermos)
write down their grocery lists,
finish the Times Crossword silly!!!

Why announce ~my~ (generic) lineage....

Give them time to don their rain gear (ie knowing they yell.. a lot & spit considerably while doing so...) possibly?

Give them the opportunity to ~wake up~, after the long, sleepless night due to allergies/sinus infections (whatever)?

A good and fascinating question, my hypothesis.... stupid, goofy melodrama of the highest order possible. (How tough could it be to figure out who you were wearing a billboard uniform like that, patches of title, rank, school & personal name emblazoned in 5" red sequins like that...)

I know what he/she is ~gonna do~, I just don't want to be forced to watch em do it!

Good question....