Years ago (the '80's), I attended my 1st "Open" tournament (as opposed to invitational). I'm a Japanese stylist so this was a major culture shock. No sea of white Gi - instead, a rainbow of gi (including stars-n-stripes), kung-fu uniforms, TKD dobok, sweat pants & T-shirt combo' name it.

Anyway, as I waited to perform my kata, I heard the competitor shouting @ the 5 judges (all seated in a line in front), "My name is Joe Krotty & I train @ the Maku-do Temple School. My style is Angry Dwarf system & my sifu is Kawi Chaing Schwartz. I would like to perform the Spitting Cobra form. May I continue sir?".

The head judge nods his head & Joe Krotty does his form. I'm thinking, "Why the autobiography? I never seen this done in Japan. You just announce your kata & do it."

Question: Why all the info? Why the request to continue?