Compiled a few highlights of my favorite boxers that I grew up worshipping, idolizing, studying and imitating.

In no particular order;

1) Rocky Marciano
The man that sparked my interest, and the man that got me training the cross day in day out, day after day. He wasn't so much about style, it was all about power. Power is my game, that's why I love Rocky so much. He had a great cross and amazing body blows in the form of hooks and uppers. His power was just scary, he'd smash away your guard with a lead hook, and then smash you in the face with his cross.

2)Jack Dempsey
If it's about in-fighting and never-ending hooks, then none can surpass Jack Dempsey. His techniques were powerful, brutal, reckless, yet none was able to stop him once he started rolling. His style was predictable, but the power he generated from those smooth body mechanics made it a suicide being on the defensive. He will always have a place amongst my idols for his infighting and powerful blows.
The match I gave you, that match, the power of Dempsey was so powerful this was the result on Jess Willard;

broken jaw & nose; shattered cheek bone; 3 missing teeth; 2 cracked ribs & not to forget, ruptured ear drum

It was also this match that created the 'neutral corner rule'.

3) Mike Tyson
I don't care what people think of him. People hate him, some people love him, but EVERYONE respects his skills and power. Not only did he possess inhuman power, his skill levels were comparable to old-schools such as Dempsey, Marciano, Foreman, Ali.

As you can see from the people I idolize, none of them are 'out-boxers'. Never enjoyed the style but if you want to know some great 'out-boxers' you got Thomas Hearns, Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes and 'P' something Whitaker (I think it was Pernal).

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!