As far as I am aware, Kensenzu Yamaegue (hence Eugue from Yama-egue) was a Japanese or Okinawan martial artist who spent some (or alot) of time in Korea teaching (not sure about Vietnam though possible). Ray Flowers learned from him and his top students when Yamaegue was rather old I believe. Sensei Flowers brought it back to the US where he was eventually succeeded by Sensei Oscar Adams and then Sensei Michael Young. There is some confusion about our actual origins since Sensei Flowers was an American GI (I believe) training in a foreign land and in a foreign culture and after so many years the various generations of instructors have passed on less material about our origins (history is not everyone's favorite course, lol). Under Sensei Adams we progressed from a primarily karate-jitsu and jujitsu art to a more Karate-do and Judo art since Sensei Adams was already ranked in Kodokan Judo before he trained in our form. Recently we have changed mostly back to the original jujitsu art form. I think I am primarily correct in this history but forgive me if I am not 100% sure.


Sounds some what like wado?
Any comparisons?