I have used cyclone. i didnt find it any better or worse than any other protein shake. The strawberry flavour tasted like it was predigested in the devils stomach and extracted with his bile in tact, but the chocolate one was quite nice.
due to the 'fuzzy' nature of 'scoop' serving and how the product has settled etc, it is impossible to substantiate/guarantee how much of the 'extra goodies' they say they put in it (creatine etc) you get each serving, and as with all maximuscle products the suggested serving frequency is on the high side to promote your rapid use (and re-purchase) of the product.
Personally, I think Maximuscle charge too much for what they offer in relation to the rest of the market. They do this based on high profile endorsement- Amir Khan, Bradford Bulls, etc. Effectively making them the UK equivalent of Xyience.
Not saying their stuff is bad, just saying cheaper products can be equal, and to not be sucked in by hype and big words in the adverts
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