haha, sorry for the late reply my man, i've been real busy with school for the last few days.

i just had a whole post typed p and explorer kicked my arse off and i lost it all.....(calm your self mark....)

anyway, your bunkai sonds good to me. the only thing i would add is..

-the double inside outside blocks in kiba dachi then into crane stance= block a round house punch, while hitting his neck with your forearm, and feed your hand behind his neck and the knee rising for the stance goes into his ribs or other vital.

-and the "eye pokes" near the end i like to think of as egal claw type moves, where the first one grabs onto his bicept or peck or something, then the other palm strikes him in the chest and slides your fingers into his neck and grabs his windpipe for the win.

i have to say that chinte is fast taking the tekki kata's place in my list of favorites, the bunkai i've been taght for it really relates well to how i look at self defence, in close and going for the throat and the take down.

is it too much to ask of you to maybe post a vid of some of your stuff?? i can get a video camera in about a week and stick some of my stuff up so we can compare with a bt more clarity maybe??

thanks for the replies again

yours in life
its not supposed to make sense