Chinte is girl's kata-you fight like girl. No, only joking-I like Chinte too. It is supposed to be a kata for women according to some Japanese. Presumably we are going to have to speculate on the jumps at the end, are they just to get you back to starting position or do they have a use (jumping on someone's head lying behind you maybe! )

I once saw an intersting bunkai suggesting the palm strikes in fudo dachi were against the head of a person tackling you round the waist (so his head at your chest height) followed by nakadaka uke to someone grabbing from behind (in truth to me the strike behind seems a bit weak but it may depend on whether you hit someone's ribs or temples) and then turning and using the same strikes again to follow up behind...alternatively the head thrust forward as hands go behind may be a headbutt to the grappler who you just hit with the palms and the turn with fists in nakadaka may be a throw.

I think chinte are also spikey bamboo staves that Okinawans tied to their forearms as weapons, reminiscent of the eye poke finger strikes in the kata.