hey guys,

i just got back from a seminar this weekend and we covered the kata chinte for part of the weekend. i just want to say that i was real impressed with the bunkai shown. i wanted to get a distussion going on some other bunkai that you folks might have for the kata. i'll start by listing some of the things we did the weekend and we'll compare as we go if any one out there is interested,lol.

starting with the opening circular arm movement.
-i defence against a wrist grab where you loop your other hand under, peel off the attacker and strike anywhere from the bicep,clavical or nose.

the step out into kiba dachi with your hands out at head height, then shift into sochin daci shuto strike followed by a vertical punch into your hand.
-intercepting a round punch to your head with your left arm, and srtiking the neck with the other. the following knife hand strike strike the bicept of the opponent as he round punches at your head with his left arm, followed by a neck crank.

i hope that starts a conversation, if anything is not clear please ask again. let me know what you think!

yours in life
its not supposed to make sense