I want to revisit the excellent line of threads started by Gavin King, the former moderator of this forum. I just want to simplify his posts a bit to better match the interests of those who are reading the PP forum these days, as it seems from those who post.

The first "pressure point of the week" will be St 5. It is easy to locate. Trace your finger along the lower edge of your bottom jaw. About 1/2 way back, you will feel a hole in the bone. This is St 5. You can hit it up and in towards the center of the skull, or down and in like towards the base of the neck on the other side.

A KO is possible if the point is either hit hard enough, or properly set up. Therefore, be sure you have supervision from someone knowledgeable in revivals, or that you have been passed off on revivals by your own instructor. In practice, we generally don't practice for the KO. We look for a buzz or electrical sensation at least a few times so that torre can know he is hitting it correctly. The rest of the time, we just tap lightly to develop accuracy in motion.

If there is a KO, and the revivals are not done, you run the risk of having uke have a lingering headache for the rest of the day, or nausea. You do not want to do this to your friend.

This point is very easy to find, and pretty easy to hit in back and forth drills.

Try it, and post back about your success and what combinations you are using it with. Have fun.
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