Hi Toudiyama,

Bert Mollen, Huub Meijer and Jan Kraayvanger have been attending my seminars since Harry de Spa first brought me to Holland in 1995. Their base style is Wado but they've collectively got a wide range of experiences and have been diligently making a transition over to KU these past few years. Presently they represent my interests in the Netherlands and are working towards obtaining full accreditation as qualified KU instructors.

I hope you'll support them and I hope I get the chance to meet you during my forthcoming visit. Please introduce yourself to me.

Hey I'm Wado too and have "looked outside the box" since I was a brown belt

I wil introduce myself

btw I attended the first seminar organized by Wendi Dragonfire in Nijmegen ( don't know the how maniest that was)