I make sure that i perform my meditations every day. Some times i sit still, somtimes its during movement. I'm on the bus a lot so i do it every time i go to work and also on the way home.
Anyway, after a while i started to conciously notice the deep sense of stillness you're talking about but at first it was only fleeting. After much time practising, i can achieve it much quicker and it lasts much longer. It's the greatest feeling i've ever had and according to bhudda and his followers, you can live your entire life in this frame of mind. It's inner peace, you have no worries at that moment.
There are other ways to achieve it also.Practising yoga or tai chi will eventually lead you to the same destination if you are consistant and try to incorporate it into your daily life.
I'm just greatful that i had the luck to find these techniques at such a young age (since most don't untilthey are much older han my 23 years) and that i potentially have more time than most to cultivate this way of life
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