Fight #1:
-Jamie Varner vs. Jason Gilliam

Round 1: Round opens with both fighters trading strikes. Varner gets a solid one in and follows it up with a takedown. Varner gets Gilliam's back and works on a rear naked choke. Gilliam tries to escape, but to no avail - he eventually goes out.

Jamie Varner def. Jason Gilliam via Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:34 of Round 1.

Fight #2:
-Gleison Tibau vs. Jason Dent

Round 1: Round opens with Tibau getting a throw-takedown off a clinch. Tibau lands in sidemount and begins blasting Dent with elbows to the side of the head. Dent works his way back to half guard. Tibau looks for an arm-triangle, but Dent eventually escapes. Herb Dean orders a restart on the feet. Dent scores with a low kick. Tibau catches another kick attempt and gets Dent back to the ground.

Round 2: Tibau gets a takedown early and works some ground and pound. Herb Dean eventually restarts the two on the feet. Dent scores with a low kick and some punches. Dent starting to look good, but Tibau gets another takedown. Tibau landing nice from the top to close the round.

Round 3: Tibau gets another takedown early in the final round here. He's doing good with strikes from the top, but slows down enough that Herb Dean orders another stand up. Dent tries to pour it on standing, but slips throwing a kick and Tibau dives on top of Dent. Tibau gains mount and finishes the round there.

Gleison Tibau def. Jason Dent via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #3:
-Jon Fitch vs. Luigi Fioravanti

Round 1: Both men exchange early on in the opening round. Fitch scores an inside trip takedown to get Fioravanti to the mat. Fitch gains side control. Fitch is landing some solid knees to Fioravanti's body. Fitch eventually gets Fioravanti's back, but only has one hook in. Fioravanti works his way back to half guard. He eventually gets Fitch off and lands a punch as the round ends.

Round 2: Fitch gets a slam takedown early. Fioravanti goes for a leg submission, but Fitch gets his back after a scramble on the floor. Fitch gets both hooks in and secures the rear naked choke, which forces the tap.

Jon Fitch def. Luigi Fioravanti via Submission (rear naked choke) at 3:05 of Round 2.

Fight #4:
-Matt Hamill vs. Rex Holman

Round 1: Both wrestlers come out striking in this one. Hamill getting the better shots in. Hamill gets a takedown and strikes until the referee stops the action.

Matt Hamill def. Rex Holman via TKO (strikes) at 4:00 of Round 1.


Fight #5:
-Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs. Jason Lambert

Round 1: Awesome round. Babalu got an awesome combo early and then took him down. He worked for a rear naked choke most of the round, had it at one point but Lambert peeled the arm off and got up. In a clinch, Lambert landed a couple uppercuts that rocked Babalu, and later Lambert landed a punch that almost knocked Babalu out. He almost finished with ground and pound, but only had ten seconds and Babalu hung on. Awesome round.

Round 2: Lambert gets the knockout to finish here. Early Babalu was working knees, but Lambert got a takedown. He controlled most of the round with ground and pound. Referee restarts them on the feet and Lambert lands a crushing left hook that drops Babalu badly, and follows in with an immediate punch on the ground to seal the deal.

Jason Lambert def. Renato "Babalu" Sobral via KO (punch) at 3:36 of Round 2.

Fight #6:
-Matt Hughes vs. Chris Lytle

Round 1: Great round. Lytle looked to land a good punch early (couldn't tell if it landed), then Hughes went for a takedown but got trapped in a guillotine. Lytle had it sunk deep despite Hughes having an arm in, but it looked at points to be a near fight-finisher. Hughes eventually got out, but wasn't doing much until the end where he had a few flurries from side mount. Lytle escaped from a scramble, somewhat, and finished the round stalemating Hughes.

Round 2: Another good round. Hughes mauled him most of the round, opening up a pretty bad cut around Lytle's eye. Late in the round, Lytle did a complete reversal and was on top of Hughes. Hughes had a kimura, but Lytle tried turning that into an armbar, but instead lost position. Hughes finished the round on top throwing some more elbows. A lot of Hughes elbows in this round are questionable in my opinion. Questionable as to whether or not they're legal elbows.

Round 3: Hughes got a takedown early and had side mount. The end. Well, in the final seconds Hughes went for an armbar, almost had it but Lytle got out and finished on top. Hughes did next to nothing the entire round, and some new referee didn't stand them up at all. I don't know why.

Matt Hughes def. Chris Lytle via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #7:
-Rich Franklin vs. Jason MacDonald

Round 1: Good round. 10-9 Franklin. Mostly on the feet with both guys in the clinch a lot. A couple of good exchanges, with Franklin having a few good flurries. Late in the round, Franklin got MacDonald down and just pounded him standing over him, almost seemed fight finishing. He let him back up and MacDonald got a takedown finally with 30 seconds left, but Franklin quickly reversed it and got up to finish the round standing.

Round 2: Franklin dominated that round big time. Most of it was spent on the ground with Franklin on top. Franklin would get mount several times and unload viciously. At the end of the round, Franklin was pounding away and pretty much finished him. So much so that the referee (Herb Dean of all ref's) seemingly stopped the fight a split-second after the horn already sounded to end the round. He told them to go to the corner and prepare for round three, but in MacDonald's corner the fight was stopped as soon as he got back.

Rich Franklin def. Jason MacDonald via TKO (corner stoppage) after Round 2.

After the fight, Anderson Silva came in the ring during the Rich Franklin post-fight interview. It was a hugfest, no animosity. But Franklin said he spoke to Dana White (as in just seconds ago in the cage) and he was told the rematch with Silva would be in Cinncinatti, Ohio. Huge pop obviously. Franklin put Silva over because the crowd was boo'ing him.

Fight #8:
-Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries

Round 1: Amazing fight. McFedries hits like a f'n truck, but Kampmann was taking them pretty well. He eventually got him to the ground and landed in side mount. He was throwing elbows here and there and then out of nowhere got an arm triangle, switched sides and tightened it up and McFedries went unconscious before he had a chance to tap out.

Martin Kampmann def. Drew McFedries via Submission (arm triangle) at 4:06 of Round 1.

Fight #9:
-Tim Sylvia (c) vs. Randy Couture (UFC HW Title)

Round 1: Couture came out and immediately knocked Sylvia completely on his ass with one punch, almost knocking him all the way out. Couture followed in and tried sealing the deal with a barrage of punches on the ground. He then takes Sylvia's back, gets both hooks in but Sylvia blocks the rear naked choke. Sylvia does nothing but hold on to Couture's arms and prevent him from getting around the throat, hoping for a stand up. They've been here the entire round. And that's how the round goes until the horn sounds. Couture's round no matter how you look at it.

Round 2: Another Couture round. Early on Couture hurt Sylvia again with a good punch. Sylvia landed some of his own, none really hurting Couture though. Couture gets a takedown on Sylvia and controls him up against the fence, throwing elbows and punches the entire round. To his credit, Sylvia was busy underneath, but still losing the entire round. For some reason, "Big" John stands them up with thirty seconds left in the round, and Couture blasts Sylvia with two good punches and finishes the round with a takedown.

Round 3: Whole round on the feet, and Couture was outstriking Sylvia the entire round - landing a whole lot of very big punches. Total domination. However, Couture is looking increasingly tired as the fight goes on. He may not have enough to get Sylvia off his feet anymore, which doesn't seem like a problem the way the fight has been going - but as Couture gets tired his stand up won't be what it has been thus far.

Round 4: Round opens with Couture faking punches looking to get a takedown. It doesn't take long either, and Couture has one. He's on top, in Sylvia's guard. Sylvia covering up and avoiding punches pretty well, but Couture will land a decent one every now and then. With under three minutes remaining, the ref stands them up. Couture lands several big bombs on the feet before getting another takedown. Couture is dominating this fight. Couture is in side mount landing short elbows to the face. Couture gets mount! He's landing punches and elbows. Sylvia is trying to control him. Sylvia turns his back and is pretty much out, in the sprawl-from-takedown position. The two get up and Couture lands a couple more solid punches to finish the round. Couture is up every round thus far, Sylvia needs a knockout to win.

Round 5: The two touch gloves to begin the final round. Couture lands punches, gets a good takedown and winds up in Sylvia's half guard. Both guys seem tired, but Couture seems to have a second wind going here. Couture is dropping down elbows over and over to Sylvia's face. Sylvia tries for a leg submission, but Couture gets out and is now in side-mount! Three minutes left in the fight. Couture throwing knees to the body in side mount and landing elbows to the face. Couture gets the mount with 95 seconds left. Sylvia scrambles to his feet, but Couture takes him right back down! One minute left! Sylvia's left eye is completely swollen shut. Crowd is roaring as the seconds tick away. Thirty seconds to go and Couture is landing punches. The crowd is getting louder and louder and louder and bam - horn sounds. New Heavyweight champion!

Randy Couture def. Tim Sylvia via Unanimous Decision () after 5 Rounds to become new UFC Heavyweight champion.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da