UFC 68!!

Lots of guys with something to prove.

This is a must win for Rich Franklin and that kid McDonald is no cream-puff!

Hughes is gonna be hungry, but some say Chris Lytle is very underated.

I have no love for Tim Sylvia. I think he's mediocre at best. Big as all hell, but mediocre. I think he lost whatever hunger he had. Huge difference between going after the belt, and playing it safe trying to hold onto the belt.

I'm placing the loooong green! Here are my picks:

Couture over Sylvia. Randy is in phenomonal shape and I think he has an answer for Sylvia's only weapon(the long jab).

McDonald over Franklin. I really ,really like Rich Franklin. But I think this kid McDonald is the real deal. He is going to easily match Franklin's conditioning, near equal stand up, far superior ground skills. I heard he is working out with Keith Jardine and Diego Sanchez. That's a good camp.

Hughes over Lytle. This one's kind of funny. Hughes being a great wrestler, Lytle being a pro boxer. But, Hughes is a far better wrstler than Lytle is a boxer. Hughe s can hang on his feet, I don't think Lytle will handle that big slam. I do not really care for Matt Hughes that much, but I can't possibly envision him losing two in row.

Babalu Sobral over Jason Lambert. What can I say. I really, really like to watch Babalu fight. Well rounded fighter. Some tough losses, but he is definately underated.

Matt Hamill over Rex Holman. I like Matt Hamill. Strong as an ox. He's been training with Tito. He'll come strong.

Those are my picks. Any Takers???

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