I went to the fights tonight, and there were some great ones. Only two went the distance. All the rest ended in the first round.

The first match was Bo Cantrell versus Tim Percy. Percy, an Oyama representative won in the first round by KO.

Local Memphian Mike Powell won in the first round with the RNC against Ross Inez.

Our other local boy, Adriano Nasal, lost in a contreversial split decision to Javier Vazquez.

Another noted local, John Shackleford lost to Edson Berto by TKO. First round.

The next match put Cris Gates against Tokyo's own Riki Fukuda. Fukuda won by tko.

Kj Noons vs Charles Crazy horse Bennett was a contreversial match due to Bennetts less than spectacular attitude. Bennett did go on to win by ko.

The best fight of the night, and the only one to put the whole crowd on its feet came from the two female competitors of the night. Gina Carano completely dominated julie Kenzie in what turned out to be a spectacular fight. If we had more women like these two there would definately be a Womans MMA league.

The worst fight of the night had to be between David Loiseau and joe Villasenor. Very slow paced, little striking and subpar grappling. Villasenor wins by decision.

The super heavyweight fight between Antonio Silva and Wesley Correra was excellent. Slugfest all around with the win going to silva.

The last fight of the night was one of the shortest and worse Ive seen. Im highly dissapointed. Shamrock came away with the win over Gracie. Not by ko, or by submission but by use of what looked like to many to be an illegal move. He kneed Renzo in the back of the neck, twice, at the base of his skull. To Shamrocks credit, he was on his back so from his angle he might not have known he was doing it, but after a onesided first round, it was felt that he did it as an easy out for the win. Had the fight go on I feel Renzo would have easily alked away the victor. All in all a good night.

I got to Meet Bill Goldberg Briefly as well as the EliteXC girls! Way hot! Some other notable faces would be Quinton Action Jackson, Forrest Griffin, Jimmy Kimmel, The Memphis Grizzlies, Jeff Mullen and of course, Myself!

Well worth the money spent.
"When I let Go of who I am, I become who I might be."
Lao Tzu