Hello, long time lurker here! My story really starts off about a year ago when I first took up MA. I googled some strenghening forums in relation to martial arts and hey presto I found this great forum. For this time I really looked at the advice other people were getting and tried to build my knowledge of weight-training and strenghening. Anywho for a while I decided to avoid the "big" exercises and just get a chin-up bar and do basic exercises e.g push-ups, sit-ups and bodyweight lunges.

The Work-out:

Alas, recently I decided to take the plunge and buy a barbell, bench and some heavier weights. Anyways heres the work-out I devised for myself (in order):

Military Press,
Weighted Chin-up,

You will see the rep and set range in my log. P.S bear in mind Im a complete newbie to the game so my lifts are pretty pathetic, don't be too harsh! Im hoping to do the routine twice a week as a supplement to my 3 times MA training. I've also thought of changing a few exercises just to keep me fresh i.e upright row instead of military press but all these exercises are my favorites and I don't think Im neglecting any bodyparts.

My MA:

I do semi-contact kickboxing or sport-karate as people in the US know it. In the last year I have improved a lot and am hoping my strenghening routine will add to my development.

Aims and goals:

I want it all! Haha, sorry if im being too general here guys but I want to improve my speed and power for fighting and also look good for the ladies (who doesn't). I hope my
routine is a fair reflection of this.

Age: 22
Height: 6ft
Weight: 73kg

So OK critics get ready with your pot-shots! Any advice/criticism/Cord analogies are welcome!