i recognise a reversal attempt just as clearly as I recognise someone writhing around on a hiding to nowhere. The refs job is to stop the fight when a fighter is unable to defend himself- not when he is being punched senseless. The position Crocop got into, combined with the inability Sanchez showed in escaping from, or defending from it, made the stoppage perfectly sensible.
you think its early, I think its right. As armchair refs, If i am wrong, the only thing that is hurt is Sanchez's pride. If you are wrong, then crocop pounds sanchez's head into burger meat.
No one has a crystal ball- not even for 10 seconds into the future, so the ref played it right.
Unless of course you thought Sanchez had a real chance of winning based on what had transpired up to that point!?
Come on Migo, own up- how much did you have on Sanchez?
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'