If the eating plan does not exclude many foods, nor devide nutrients in such a way as to have 'carb days' and 'protein days' like you dont need each 24/7 ( ), then it just sounds like a recommendation of eating 3 balanced meals a day.
Dairy and meat are both sources of proteins and fats- having one or another, rather than both together will not harm the nutrient content of your meal, if anything, it will promote lower total fat intake, and prevent 'protein overkill' that is so prevalent in today's dietary 'wisdom'.

As for the the 'eat 6 times a day' method, i have yet to be convinced that this is the answer we should all be aiming for. I have had people thrive on it, others find it frustrating and impractical for their lives, and others plain uncomfortable as they always feel they have food 'sloshing around' in their gut all the time.

For those it works for (especialy in respect to fat loss), the fact that it is preached that each meal should be smaller and nutrient rich leads to greater care being taken in the quality of what is eaten, and portions reigned in to be in balance with their requirements. If they had done this over a 3 meal day, they would probably have the same results- they just needed the change to focus on positive eating habits.

Far more important IMO and IME, is timing of eating, not frequency of eating. Those who start the day with a hearty breakfast, and end it with a light (and not late) evening meal do much better on the whole, than the cultural shift that has turned the evening meal into the main focal point of our nutritional day. The World is full of people putting fuel in their gas tanks at the end of their journeys- completely wrong.

Everyone is different. I eat twice a day- big early breakfast, substantial afternoon meal, anywhere between 3 and 5 pm. Thats it. It works for me, it may be wrong for you.

The Gracie diet is not dangerous, or quirky, or even particularly unusual. 3 balanced meals a day, eat till you are satisfied, but not stuffed, concentrate on simple combinations of unprocessed foods.
Best advice a 'diet plan' has given in some time as far as i am concerned.
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