Has anyone ever tried the Gracie Diet??

This was developed by 50 years of trial and error by Carlos Gracie Sr. and practiced and advocated by Helio and many members of the Gracie Family.

Upon study, it appears to be an alkaline diet in which foods are combined in a specific manner. All foods are grouped into 7 groups and only certain foods combine at any given time. For instance, oranges must be eaten alone, milk can only be eaten with a starch and never with meat, etc.

Some of the quirks of the diet is that it really doesn't eliminate any food except any pork product or canned or bottled juice and soda. You can eat just about anything else as long as it is in the proper combination. Obviously they prefer that what you eat be fresh fruits and vegetables and cheeses.

Also the diaet advocates only three (3) meals per day, instead of the modern idea of 5-6. No portion control just eat until you feel full but not stuffed.

Also a curious note is that you should space your 3 meals 4 1/2 hours appart to insure proper digestion.
Now from a medical view point there is nothing really wrong with this type of diet, however it does fly in the face of the modern 5-6 small meal a day theory.

So is there creedence to this diet?? Well Carlos lived to a ripe old age, and Helio is still kicking at 90+. All of Helios sons (Rorion, Relson,Rickson, Royce) supposedly adhere to this diet as well as Carlos Sr's sons.

This may be prone to question though, as I find it hard to swallow(Ha Ha ) that the "fighters" in the family don't use more modern eating schedules and supplementation which is clearly contrary to the idea that if you follow the diets parameters you will have a long, healthy,strong, active life.

I guess what I'm looking for here is any feedback you nutition-wise folks might have before I consider plunging into this thing.

I am young and very fit and healthy and wouldn't do myself any harm testing this on myself for a few months (proponents say you will feel major differences in 2 weeks),
I'm just wondering if there will be any benefit??

Thanks to any and all for your advice.

Medical Advisor for the Somolian National Sumo Team