I don't usually block kicks, I tend to avoid them and then immediately counter with a kick of my own, but this is mainly do to my Olympic style training. This is usually done at mid to long range fighting. If I wanted to counter with my hands with punches or strikes, then I would probably use my shins or knees to block telegraphed kicks.

There are other methods I've learned, such as smothering the kick before it really gets a chance to extend. Such has low blocking the inner thigh when a person attempts a front or round kick, I say the INNER THIGH, because you must be real close to jam the kick from there, and immediately reverse punch either the chest or the face. Jamming the kick in this fashion along with the quick attack knocks the opponent off balance. This technique is done in competition often and is one of the very few hand techniques that work in Olympic TKD competition.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da