The term does not appear until the encyclopedia which bears a publication date of 1980 or 1981. However, earlier books referred to knee spring and keeping the knees flexed. In the 1970's we called it "Spring Style", so for the most part the term sine wave was merely a refinement of terminology already in use.

-- Sorry, but I (as you know) disagree and feel its simply a way to make all the changes seem more correct and justify them, instead of accepting the real reasons things were instituted!


1- SW, 1st called knee spring was introduced as early as 1967 in the instructor courses taught by the ITF Chief Instructor back then. Knee spring appears in a later edition of the 1972 text. The term SW appears in the 1st edition of the 15 Volume Encylopedia dated 1983, but 1st printed in 1985. So may argue that knee spring was not SW, as it was not as pronounced as it is now. However, it appears from my research that it was always relax, which caused you to go down & then up - down.

As ITFUnity knows, I am one of the ones that strongly disagrees with this - SW was never called knee spring, not then and not now! When it was introduced (the original up/down version) it was never said to replace knee spring but accompany it - simply SW when moving, knee spring when not!!

Firstly, knee spring is not sine wave and was not an earlier precusor to it. Just because the knee bends when you do the 'modern' sine wave of down/up/down it is performed in opposition to a knee spring! The bending of the knee in modern sine-wave is simply a result in movement (ie. the knee must bend when you move), the knee spring was a sharp movement, executed the same time as a technique - to compliment it and add power to it!

Secondly, at least in the UK, the term 'sine wave' was not mentioned until 1983 and this was in relation to a simple and natural up and down motion. It has pictures of this in the manuals and again, it is not related to knee spring.
see: http://www.raynerslanetkd.com/sw1_311x400.jpg
And: http://www.raynerslanetkd.com/sw2_310x400.jpg
Also: http://www.raynerslanetkd.com/sw4_311x400.jpg
-- you will note on all the pictures, there is no down movement before the up movement - an extra photo would have showed it if it was indeed that was the original idea. Further more, the locked knee of the back leg is simply a result of solidifying your stance.. it is not thust back like a normal knee spring - hence they are different!

Thirdly, the newer sine-wave was only pushed in the late 90's when the ITF had some political issues and decided to try to force people to join them by doing things differently and claiming theres was the only way, thus true TKD, when in fact for years they had been teaching it a different way. It was a political move!

Finally, some believe that the sine wave allows flow as its based ona Taoist theory(!) of continuity! If correct, the modern version does not relay this as it is not continious!

You guys know that I respect your knowledge, but simply cannot accept the fairy tale that sine-wave (especailly the modern down/up/down version)was always there!


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