man, what an awsome experience.  i don't even know where to begin.

first off it was my first time in nyc, here's me just outside grand central;

here's what  my arms look like after 4 and a half days of spinning and sticky hands!  mine were'nt even the worst.  fortunately my skin is a little toughened by work and the sun.  some peoples arms were close to being bloody!

we would start at 8 am and train until around 7 pm, then break for meditation and then dinner. (we had a few water breaks plus a good lunch break as well)

lights out at 11 and back up by 6:30am for most of us.

it was one of the most grueling experiences of my life and it was awsome all at the same time.  we really dove into the nitty gritty of the art.

sometimes you'd be hurting so bad and then drop into this awsome state of total flow where all your suffering dropped away (until you noticed you weren't hurting anymore, at which time the pain would come back).

i got to meet a lot of awsome people for the first time, and i got to train with a lot of awsome people.

i also passed my butterfly test and got my descipleship!

EDIT- look for more pics (of the actual training) to come as i get them!

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