It is possible to get off more then one technique, and again for our one-steps after being punched with in a second I will have thrown multiple attacks that "are" possible.

Well Sir I think if you would consider what I am saying & reply to just this point as I have asked numerous times, maybe we could move this discussion forward.

WHAT do you THINK your opponent, not use of opponent, not partner who I know tries to really hit you at 1st, but then is not allowed to continue to hit you, as they are no longer a live attacker, will be DOING while the defender counters with mutiple attacks?

ITF, if somebody who has ill intent were to throw a punch at me I would respond with multiple attacks and many of those attacks will be to vital areas. Here is what can happen.

1. He is stunned that somebody would attack him and doesn't know what to do. While he is thinking that he may have an emotion dump or he may become frightened himself. In any case I WILL get off multiple attacks as this only takes a few seconds and that IS practical. He then will be a bloody and incapacitative mess at my feet.


2. He becomes riles and enraged and it is a full on battle royal with the fight going either his way or my way.

I should point out that this is the same outcome as if I had done "1" defensive techniques.