I think that you are getting hung up on that you are able to do one counter to a vital spot and end things and that unfortunately is not realistic;

I agree with you, so please stop using this to avoid the issue. I never said or implied this at all. I am talking about what occurs after the 1st counter attack by the initial attacker.


.......it can work but more then likely it won't and why multiple attacks is far better. And again, your purpose as set by your founder for your one-steps is not the same as our purpose for our one-steps, and that is where I think the confusion is coming from and again we are not comparing apples to apples.

So please Sir stop confusing the issue by injecting this. I know the purposes are different. We established that awhile back. Our purpose is to establish initial protection & concentration on just 1 effective counterattack, not because that will or should end the fight, because it might not, but to develop effectiveness in a beginner before they work with combos. Your purpose seems to be to help develop combos, which is great. Now please address my ONLY ISSUE which is:
What do you think the attacker will be doing when the defender counters with mutiple counters?

[Quote]Again, enjoy this discussion.

Yes Sir, I am also. I hope now you can reply to my 1 issue & keep it to apples only & not bringing any oranges into the conversation. I like oranges, but want to talk only apples!