>>>We are not limited by the founder as you yourself are. I certainly can respect your point of view however if we take this to a realistic look, the one counter in my mind holds no value; please let me explain.<<

If you consider one element of almost any training system in isolation you can say it has little or no value. Why should a boxer jump rope or hit a speed bag? Neither simulate what happens in the ring.

Before saying a single element of training has no value it must be viewed in the context of all training elements within a system.

The Chang Hon 1 step sparring is just such an element, one of many within a system. Now, while it is, on the surface used to develop the "One technique for Victory" theory espoused by General Choi and Funakoshi before him there are some who feels the qoute is an oversimplification of this ideal.

I subscribe to the broader view that a better translation is "One opportunity for victory" .

This is different because while multiple techniques or tactics may be employed to accomplish victory, if that one opportunity presents itself where you can employ a single technique, having honed your skills thru one step sparring you can then secure victory with the single technique.