I also enjoy the exchange ITF. Now I understand that the ITF curriculum and those that train under it have a lot of faith in the founder and his teachings, however understand that many other schools do not take this approach and my school would be one of them. We have never discussed history or politics and train with application only. Remember, much of what I train comes from TKD/Hapkido which was from my Instructor's Master; plus my TKD has influences from BJJ and MMA and the techniques are tried and true.


The founder limits all step sparring to 1 counter attack, as in a real situation, no one will stand still & pose, while their opponent, the one they are attacking goes to town on them. The limit to the 1 counter, helps to insure the defender picks an approriate attacking tool to the correct vital spot. That is the purpose of 1 step sparring. It starts at the ground & works its way up. This is not a combo building drill. It is a protect & counter drill, so to speak. There are of course numerous other drills we use that will build on this in a realistic way.

We are not limited by the founder as you yourself are. I certainly can respect your point of view however if we take this to a realistic look, the one counter in my mind holds no value; please let me explain.

From my own sorted past of fighting when younger and into my young adult hood; even to MMA, one counter never happens. When somebody becomes the aggressor and attacks you it is usually in a barrage of multiple techniques ... whether it looks pretty or not, if trained or not. What realistically happen is most people succumb to that and are victims and then get beat down, robbed, raped, etc. You have to take that control away from the assailant and that is becoming the attacker. You "cannot" stop at one counter but have to take it to them to change the momentum and to take them off guard. This requires multiple techniques and your own barrage. You should never stop at one as that doesn't change the momentum, that still makes you a victim.

It is possible to get off more then one technique, and again for our one-steps after being punched with in a second I will have thrown multiple attacks that "are" possible.

I think that you are getting hung up on that you are able to do one counter to a vital spot and end things and that unfortunately is not realistic; it can work but more then likely it won't and why multiple attacks is far better. And again, your purpose as set by your founder for your one-steps is not the same as our purpose for our one-steps, and that is where I think the confusion is coming from and again we are not comparing apples to apples.

Again, enjoy this discussion.