I have to say this is all a little confusing. I just wanted to make a note and this may confuse things more. When black belt testing I had to do this for my school and it involved a fitness test that took an hour plus I had to do the required patterns, one-steps, sparring and breaking. After passing this I was considered a black belt however this was only recognized by "our" schools. A couple of weeks later I had to take another test that was put on by the "WTF Alliance of Alberta" that had schools from across Alberta come to one central location to be tested by a panel of high ranking black belts. Required of us were all of the same stuff without the fitness test portion. I have to admit the testing was far easier then our own. Now passing this test recognized me as a black belt and certification comes from Seoul Korea and takes 3 to 6 months; and sometimes longer.

What I'm trying show is that I had to be tested by the "WTF" in order to be recognized everywhere as a black belt. This leads me to believe that the WTF does have set requirements. When taking the test the patterns were all the same however the one-steps were not as some school had different ones then what we did however I understand this as our were created mostly by my Instructors South Korean Master.

So what gives?