there's a thread and video somewhere that shows a Dim Mak practitioner against your standard karate guy. The Chi man has wagered his MA school (yes, he bet his school!) that he can use Chi to defeat any opponent. And the karate guy clobbers him. It's quite sad to watch. But funny at the same time... Wish I could find where the vid is, perhaps search youtube for Chi or something.

Well... I saw that but that was different, that was what I meant by "not your standard chi video"... this one had much more to do with chi going into points in the body, and then restart the chi flow ( Never saw that one before ) But ya the grandmaster Kiai guy ( the one that was owned by a karate student) quite different in his fighting,( he want to slap the guy lol)

Also watch the other videos in teh same documentary, some are really cool! The Taiwan Swat force ... OMG PWNORZ! aha

And again, the other video was not a "Dim Mak" practictionar, he just believed in the "no touch knock out
and manipulation of chi, this one his more concrete ( he actually hit the guy!) and Dim Mak= Death Touch, so its a different thing, he jest does it with chi!
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