Not sure if this should have gone in "interal arts" or other threads, but here it goes...

Click here from some DIM MAK!

Now I I find the chi demostration VERY different from the normal, Its not a money maker either, they say only one man per generation is taught this. Also I never saw this kind of chi in fingers, to the body... and the slap the back to "restart" the chi. It usually consists of a pucnhing master, and then his student is suddenly knock-out. Love the slo- mo in the video as well lol. I found it all almost believable until the ying and yang chi from earth and heaven... But this is what they believe it doesnt have to affect what it does.

But many of it can be explained ( facking the dim mak ... the narrorator being on payroll too, although I doubt that because its his show.. and if you watch the other clips he has a open minded view, and has some other real documentarys on ninjustsu , smaruia etc.

What do you think!?!
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