If you are training to fight by kicking your own butt on a continuous basis then you're not smart, PERIOD. If you are a sadist or masochist or a combo of both don't let your neuroses speak for what you want to be true. It's pathetic and weak.

As a cop or soldier in the modern world you need to understand some basic principles of unarmed conflict. You don't need BB level training and you definitely shouldn't be required to bludgeon your brain for some hypothetical B.S. that has a 98% likelihood of never happening. Punching bad guys in the face or head is a recipe for litigation. Restraining them and teaching arts that allow you to restrain and submit without incurring or delivering strikes to the head is a plus.

I boxed and I'll tell you it is not enough. It is for the ring and NOT the street. Your hands never get use to making a full and proper bare-fist due to the wraps. Your hands wind up taking a lot of punishment due to the saftey you feel from wearing pillows on your hands. That's not to say that as a boxer you won't know how to strike with your fists, it's just that without gloves it is a COMPLETELY different approach and feel.

Boxing is not a MA and it has no place in police training IMHO. Some of its concepts do, but most of what you learn in the gym or ring means diddly when it comes to training for police or trooper work.

Plus you people sound like calloused a-holes, putting training philosophies over real lives. The dude died and he probably would have NEVER had to punch someone or receive a punch to the head in his REAL job. Again, it shows how narrow your scopes and experiences in the concrete world are.

Hi Unyu.

My thoughts. I agree that there is a huge difference between boxing and punching with out gloves.
Both have their good and bad points. I think the question about the use of strikes in a persons job, and if they should be trained or not, would depend on the enviroment they are working in.

I take your point about the demise of the guy but you might end up getting banned again which would be a great shame as I like your input be it blunt or not.

How do you see it that LEO;s should be trained?

In this country(UK)it seems most arent or get very little training. This is more than likely due to the goverments idea of correctness.