A horrible tragedy. But I am not sure they are making the right decision here.


"AUSTIN, Texas- The Texas Department of Public Safety said it will no longer train police officers with a boxing drill that resulted in a recruit's death last year.

The department suspended full-contact fighting after Jimmy Ray Carty Jr. died of head injuries last May. He was knocked to the ground at least twice by blows to the head.

"We are confident we will find ways to train them that will keep them safe and keep the people of the state of Texas safe," department spokeswoman Tela Mange said Wednesday.

The agency used the drill for at least 30 years and had argued it was useful training for officers who must be prepared to fight on the streets.

But consultants hired by the department after Carty's death recommended the drill be eliminated because it caused too many head injuries and did not involve realistic situations.

The department also banned all other exercises that involve hitting or other hard contact between trainees.

Given that many police officers face physical conflict every day, I'm not sure that removing all "live" training is a good idea. Many aspects of combat cannot be imparted without resistance. I mean, should CPR be not taught if someone gets injured? Accidents are bound to happen.

With all due respect to the dead cadet. Not trying to minimize the heartache of the family involved.

What would CPR do for a severe head injury like an intracranial bleed? Absolutely nothing.

Why do policeman or statetroopers need to know how to box with gloves on? That kind of training is for sport and the ring not for the streets or law enforcement.

Why would a policeman or trooper need to stand toe-to-toe with a bad guy and duke it out? That is a very rare thing indeed.

How many bad guys will be wearing gloves and willing to stand there and box? Not too many.

Now training in grappling arts like Judo or BJJ/GJJ would make sense. In fact when I coordinated and hosted a Caique Jiu-Jitsu seminar at UTSA in the early part of the millenia I went to the University police and our Health Science Center to ask them if they'd like to participate. I explained the salience of groundwork and grappling in apprehending ciminals. They laughed and said "we got guns, pepper spray, batons and back-up". They were, are and will be obliviously stupid. So I guess cops feel that boxing is more salient for arresting people.

The thing with blunt head trauma with padded gloves is that it spreads the force over a larger area unlike head punches or face punches without any or minimal padding. This leads to multiple concussions where the brain slams against the skull. Each time you have a concussion or contussion (bruise) to the brain you have a chance of severe irreversible brain damage and/or death. The brain cell loss is a sure thing.

Boxing is the most brutal of all sports. It is designed to destroy that which makes us human, our brain. There is a reason that certain folks, usually underprivileged people, fight in the ring. You don't see Don King trying to box or Dana White in the Octagon for a reason. They leave it up to the human pit bulls who are willing to kill themselves for some money and limited fame but really to make other non-boxers/fighters very, very rich.

Boxing and police work are not conducive especially long-term. This idea gives new meaning to "fighting for fighting's sake". Cops need their brains. Most are barely above average intelligence as it is . They need to be healthy to apprehend criminals. What good is being dead or injured and trying to be a policeman?

They should learn how to fight without gloves anyway. Boxing is for kids and athletes, not for soldiers and the police. They should be learning how to punch without padding. They should only allow controlled cony=tact on humans, but emphasize a lot of bag work and other supplemental drills to get them acclimated to punching with some force and velocity.

You can't hit the head continuously and expect something like Parkinsonian Syndrome, dementia or that death NOT to happen. It just shows how ignorant folks are of science and medicine.

Peace to the cat who died and much respect to the family. God bless them. IMO they should sue fo' sheez'...

Boxing is VERY good martial art, while you learn to fight with gloves on, it is jsut as effective if not more effective with them off. I personally am a Boxer and have done Tae Kwon Doe for about 6 years. Boxing is a simple art, but thats where it stregthens. Because there is only 6 punches you can learn how to perfect them, and defence is key. You can dodge a head kick because to you it is the same as a punch. Training officers in boxing is an excellent plan because it does not take 3 years to learn how to preform effectivly. It's a shame one death has haulted such a great training
Whatever happened to defending one's honor?