MattJ wrote


I disagree. Sport is just an aspect of training. The idea is to get the officers used to hitting and being hit with energy and resistance.

Excellent point Matt. I would have said that contact training is an invaluable part of ANYONE'S martial art training and if you're NOT doing some form of it, you're only fooling yourselves if you think you're learning to defend yourself.

That said, how ELSE are you going to do any contact training than by wearing gloves? The fact that this is just amazingly simple common sense that is completely missed by some, is mind boggling. I cannot begin to imagine the mind of a person who doesn't understand this.

Sport has ZERO to do with anything here.


Certainly some better control should be exercised - and probably some better medical attention as well - but this seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

You nailed it. There is no telling how good the supervision was where they were training. There is no telling how good the coach was at doing his job. The coaching could have been superb and it was just a freak accident.

We need a kinder, gentler approach to training SD I suppose.

ashe_higgs wrote:

government isn't the problem, it's insurance liability that's the issue...

I think you have missed the ENTIRE f&*king point. What is MORE of a liability; officers getting injured in training or dying in combat?

Accidents are GOING to happen no matter HOW many precautions we take. If you're going to soften things up for these officers, it can't be a good thing.