Its an old nick, returns to haunt me no matter where I move. I am a guide, also an exbiker, and I look quite wild at times. (long uncombed hair curly red hair and beard, not quite dreads but close after a week or 2 in the bush)

With MA it started because of my fighting style, very aggressive and not always well controlled, or completely "by the book". I like to go hard when sparring. I modify techniques, and add things from other styles to my Muay Thai. Also I do a lot of things instinctivly that no-one ever taught me to do, mostly with my elbows, backfists, etc.(street stuff, like turning a backfist into a guillotine, or sticking a pointy elbow into a leg or punch as a block)

I am nice to begginers when I have control, but the faster and harder it goes the more likely I am to hit a little low...its never intentional, but I do it more than others. Any where I spar people know to always wear a cup with me, no matter how light we are supposed to be going.
Mitakuye Oyasin "We are all related"