Well said,
There was no assumption that all MA's here are keyboard Ninjas. I was just curious.
Choice however is always choice regardless of what colour it is. If my wife wants to go out and I want to train I might very well make the choice that her happiness at that moment is more important then my training. But I make the choice not her. Luckily my wife enjoys training more then I do so I would never have that problem.
Your right ...There MAY indeed come a time when I CHOOSE that other things are more important to me and train less.
All I am saying is we should try to inspire each other to choose to train as hard as we can, as often as we can, whenever we can.
Choose to Train say NO to excuses. This had nothing to do with age or experience or style or direction.
I don't understand the idea that the Forum is a good thing when your not training. Doesn't that infer that it is a bad thing when training?

We live in a complacent, lazy, inactive, society. Whats the obecity rate in the States these days? Or the U.K for that matter.

Shorinjiryumike GKD