I guessed that the presumption was that most here are internet MA-ists because they spend more time typing than training.

Well, those who "have a life" objected to this presumption. But keep in mind...between Medical & Choice, there are many shades of grey because light midical problems stop some but don't deter others. Some choices do involve others beyond yourself.

MA can be many things to many people. My only issue is (& has always been), call what you do by it's proper descriptor:
a hobby/activity, mental/spiritual growth, sport/competition, exercise/fitness, skills for life-or-death encounters, business, performance/acting, improving SD skills...you get my drift.

So for all the hard-core MA-ists out there, there may come a time when other things become priority (I know it's hard to concieve). Don't demean those who aren't up to your level of commitment. To the performers & actors, don't delude yourselves into believing that life is a video game. To everybody in between, just do your best.

This forum is a good thing when not training (I won't do squats here in my office) because it stimulates ideas that can influence how you train.