Matt, Fair questions

I am on the forum because I find it entertaining.

"Most folks are here because they cannot train for one reason or another"

My point is that there is always time to train.

There are only two reasons to not train. Medical and Choice. I am 38, work in home renovations, have two kids, have a life etc. I still make the time to train.
I want to hit my 40's in great shape. I eat better, sleep better, and have more directed execise then I ever have and I feel better for it.
People choose to train or not to train! If life is so hectic that you choose not to train that is one thing. But see it for what it is. Your choice. Nothing more nothing less.
I know not everyone is like minded, but wouldn't we all be better off we put our key boards and other distrations away a little more often Trained a little more not a little less.

Shorinjiryumike GKD