Time here doesn't detract from time training. Locked to a keyboard and screen for 8 hours/day....the forum is in the background. The way I look at it, the background 'noise', or chatter, of folks interested in MA makes my workday go by faster.

I don't consider 'forum time' related to training at all. Once I 'unplug' from here, it's on to the rest of life's chores but always in the back of my mind I'm mulling over some aspect of MA. Still...it isn't training. (Unless...one considers the act of staying mentally focused on MA a type of training.)

When I have the personal time to do what I want...I fit in some exercise here and there, or work on katas, or do drills. But I still don't consider that 'training'.

I don't lie to myself....'training' time is physical work done in the dojo and in the company of others. Everything else is an opportunity to prepare for training.

My actual training time is limited to 4 dojo hours a week. However, I'm more fortunate than others. That 4 hours is basically one-to-one with a teacher, and very directed learning.


How many people on this forum devote more time to it, then to their actual training?