Hello CA Isshinryu:

<<The unbendable arm isn't a trick as long as you take steps to make sure people don't turn the arm for advantage.

Apologies for not responding sooner, trying to "catch up" in many arenas. Please explain the not turning the arm a bit more want to make certain I comprehend precisely what you mean... think I know where you are going, just want to make sure!

<<when you have the right focus and concentration

The "crucial" words, how does that work ?

<<the part of Sanchin where you do the slow palm push outs. (at least we do it that way) Your suppose to be focused and be able to root into the stance and able to push somebody back from you.

Your Sanchin stance unless far, far wider than most (ie equavilent to the horse stance, forward leaning stance, etc.) or unless angled very very differently won't support the direction of the intended pushing action. Does not the action require the structure be aligned correctly for the particular action, in this case a push?

Please flesh this out a bit more??? If you would please...