I can explain all the trick but most of you already are aware of how they are preformed. Yes they are tricks but are fun to watch by the average lamen.

To make it more interesting they should:
1. Shorten, the bending rod to 4 feet!
2. Bed of nails, use less nails and spread them out!
3. Fire walking, use real charcoal!
4. Sledgehammer trick, use only one slab of concrete!

Truthfully I don't see to much of it anymore, we use to do all that stuff in the 70's during demonstrations in parks, local fairs and fund raisers. The public ate it up and it was a lot of fun to preform. Now that the general public has been saturated with MA for the last 30 years the show is old. Demostrations are still a valuable part of promoting your dojo. There is nothing wrong with putting on a great demonstration showing all aspects of your art and throwing in some showmanship to "Wow the crowd".

The rocks that are used for "fire walking" are Lava rock, very porous and full of air......................

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