Yes I would agree and there are several others which exist on different levels:

Bending a weapon held on the throat by walking into it
The unbendable arm
Bed of nails
Hot coal walking
Sledgehammer to the cement blocks held on chest

We could also add to the list:
- Pulling large objects with various parts of their anatomy.

- Puncturing various parts of the body with sharp objects.

- No touch KO's. No MA application at all (let the flaming begin)

- Even pressure point KOs to a certain degree are done for effect, because the body is a little more unpredictable under high stress

(For the last 2 I should add that I was a DKI member, and received my 4th degree under Mr. Dillman)

- Braking of any kind. Maybe good for teaching focus or toughening the hands, but there is really no purpose for stacking multiple objects, especially if you’re going to use spacers to separate the objects. Back in my TKD days, I saw a kid break 10 boards. Then two minutes later he broke his hand attempting to break 3 of the same boards without spacers.

- driving nails through boards with hand, foot, etc.

Many of these things have some practical application in MA like teaching focus or to strike through an object, toughening areas of the body, overcoming fear, and so on; but many are over exaggerated and performed in such a flamboyant manor that they become nothing more than a show. Many of them take no extraordinary ability at all, and can be taught in a matter of minutes.
You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.