Hello Matt:

<<I do understand that both the "bed of nails" and the "sledgehammer" tricks take advantage of increased surface area to dissipate the shock of strikes.


The barefoot coal walking being another similar ~melodrama~. The coals being hot, but provided you keep moving... or coat whether knowingly/otherwise the bottoms of your feet apparently does the trick. Now if you or I were to have stoaked those coals.... nobody would walk them voluntarily I think....

<<As for a good demo, how about the instructor sparring everyone there?

Hummmngh, provided the instructor is not "armed"... sure why not! "... ok for those of you left standing, I am giving you my card, those of you laying down for a little while your cards are lying beside you...."

The kids saw one the other night which was pretty gross, the hooking a heavy something to the fascia in your back and pulling obscenely heavy object a lengthy distance. Gross but nothing to do with genuine martial skill. Merely the resillance<sp.?> of the body's fascia as a contact point.

Surely there are other bizarre demonstrations which pass for internal/bone-fide martial skill???? Or may well demonstrate an signifigant martial skill??? What is/are they?