One of the most ancient and strangest martial arts in existence. Even its name, Chi Hsuan Men means "Unusual Style." Started in the 5th Century B.C. as a defence system for the bureaucrat class of the ancient Chinese dynasties. All the movements involve the use of "the white hade fan," actually a fanlike metal weapon used for both disarming opponents and poking them.

The Chi Hsuan Men master will attempt to calm any enemy with both a relaxed pose and with friendly words. Then, preferably when the enemy is off-guard, the fan can be whipped out of the sleeves and used either to disarm or attack. Masters are extremely rare and usually train only one or two students at a time, treating them as apprentices.

May I ask where you found this summary? It is, word for word (save for mispelling 'jade' as 'hade', an excerpt from Ninjas and Superspies, an RPG produced by Palladium Books. It is a work of fiction written by Erick Wujcik (now deceased) and interchangeable with a super hero RPG and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG.

This can be found in the revised edition I have, a 7th printing from 2000, on page 87. The revised was copywritten in 1990 and the original N&SS was copywritten 1984. The art can only be learned by the 'Dedicated Martial Artist' OCC in this book.

It was also reprinted in the Mystic China expansion book for N&SS, I have the second printing from 2001. The description is on pg 177-178. The sourcebook was originally copywritten in 1995 and revised the Chi Hsuan Men art to no longer offer chi mastery powers and instead offers Demon Hunter body hardening and Advanced Atemi at later levels. The art is made available to the 'Gu Dong Chia' (Antiquarian) OCC although they have retired and cannot gain experience with it beyond lvl 1-4.

Chi Hsuan Men is the next best martial art that teaches the Dim Mak Atemi (at 7th level) besides Tien Hsueh Touch Mastery (which teaches it at 1st level). The next best arts are Jujutsu and Ch'in Na which require much higher levels (11) to learn it.

I'm not sure why the writeup for this martial art is sourcing a work of fiction and reposting its description as original research. The authors of this game take liberties and purposefully and admittedly do not accurately interpret the martial arts, exaggerating their characteristics for fun.

I am concerned, in locating this art here, if any other arts' descriptions are also C&Ped from works of fiction, copywritten or otherwise.

If you wish to begin looking up something not admittedly ficiton, I did a google and found someone mentioning the art here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071127171908AAO90Qq I'm not sure how accurate it is, because rather than being a form of chinese kung fu, some person is saying that it is an indian-invented art. There's no mention of fans so perhaps it was originally not a fan art?

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