How valid are KNIFE HAND strikes??? In a lot of present practiced system you don't see them trained. In our 1st level of tourney sparring you don't see them much. In the barefisted stuff they reappear, at the third level combo training they disappear; they come back at the 4th level because we are clinching and any grab to neck or side of head can and is a knife hand strike 1st then a grab, if you can. 5th level its there bc of same reason.

I've noticed that from every system I've trained in from Escrima, Kali, Silat, Kuntoua, Pankartian, N. African, TKD, Chanu-fa, Karate, Jujitsu, to the Fairbanks Combat system teach the use of this hand formation.

Why is it not trained now? Is it bc of Gloves? Range? Ineffectiveness? No faith in the technique.

Personally within its range mines are as effective as right/left hooks for others, same clothes line or smashing effect.

Why have we lost faith in this strike? Or have we?