well, 'Dave' first e-mail came back, this one is from the well-respected MMA event organizer and instructor of Vale Tudo, Mick Nokes, in the UK who also is head of the club (Catterick Garrison) you claimed to frequent:

here is my full and unedited e-mail to Mr. Nokes:

Hi, my name is Ed Morris, I'm in the U.S. I'm not affiliated to any org, or make any claims and just train on my own with a private study group.

For some reason, your organization name came up in this conversation:

by a 'Dave Jenkins' aka 'photosmart' who claims to be a part of your organization.

just wanted to ask if you support internet warriors claiming affiliation to your org handing out subliminal threats over a forum to people they don't know. If he threatens everyone on a forum that gives their opinion about a website (and it wasn't even any of your organization's websites)...then you are certainly bound to get some interesting responses from people alot less nice than me.

take care,
-Ed Morris (no threat to anyone's ego)

here is his full and unedited prompt reply:

Thanks for your email. I can confirm that Dave Jenkins in nothing to do with our organisation, and until his name came up in your email, I have never even heard of the guy. Shotai Kai is a group of clubs made up of genuine students who treain because they love martial arts, and we never threaten anyone, be it inside forums, or in the street.

Yet again, thanks for your email, it is always good to be made aware of trolls like this.

Regards in Budo


so 'Dave'...that in itself is grounds for your dismissal. but why stop there, there are so many other interesting things to find out about you - no doubt.

your anonimity is your disadvantage. people who don't lie or need to be anonymous will always easily expose fakes like you. btw, are you related to 'Paul Jenkins'? or did you just steal his identity?
or I can just e-mail him and ask.

ps. anyone reading this from the UK who is interested in MMA, Mick's clubs sound like a good opportunity for quality instruction... check him out at his site: