ok. yes, that does sound like fun. I'll e-mail you soon to get a list of dojos you have invited me to.

[add] looks like you forgot to make your e-mail address available in your profile. what's your e-mail address?
also, I couldn't find the link you mention of your Vale Tudo club. 'Catterick Garrison UK' comes up with an Army site. could you give a link to your club...it sounds interesting.


unless this is it:

is this the address: shotaikai@aol.com ? I see you are posting here using an AOL account...so maybe thats it.

As I said Ed anytime your in the UK you are certainly most welcome to come and train at any amount of dojos. You see Ed a number of us martial artist's read your input on the karate forum. A lot of the martial artists belong to organisations that you in your world of cyber space (in the past) have deemed unworthy.
Some of your input we find amusing some we find stupid but either way Ed
your name and vidoes are some what of a legend here amongst martial artists and a number of us would love to see and train with the legend in real life.
So keep posting have fun and if you ever do come to the
Uk get in touch. Easy just post it on the forum

As we say here Bye for now

have fun