I was commenting on a website which advertised itself as Yoseikan. If the mcdojo Yoseikan site is false advertising, maybe you should take it up with them.

I could care less about your threats...threats are a dime-a-dozen (and a banable offense btw) on these boards and only serve to show the true character of the person making them.
I've found that threats are usually made by bogus ryu's and sokey-dokeys defending their right to make money....either that, or they are threats from dito-heads that are programmed to be loyalists.

seeing as the kata videos you reference show goju kata (and one basics matsubayashi kata), I'm not surprized you don't see shukokai influence.

something for you to reflect and ponder: Since YOU are judging me by my posts without ever having met me, is that different from people judging a dojo website without ever having gone to the dojo?

Ahh I see your agenda now. What threats? I dont see no threats? If you are ever in the UK though you would be most welcome to come and train at a lot of dojos.

And no that isnt me in the photo. Sorry but nice try. Typical kind of response I would expect. Any how Im finished with this topic. Like I said if you ever come to the Uk please e mail me. You would be most welcome to train at quite a few dojos.

have fun