btw, Roy Stanhope is not part of Yoseikan, as far as I know, he's studied Kimura Shukokai. so I'm confused by your reference to him in this thread.

I didn't catch your real name....I need your real name so when I e-mail Mr. Stanhope, I can tell him who referred me to him.

Rather than ask and seemingly put someone down why dont you address your questions about Vernon Bell to some one like Roy Stanhope 7th dan or some other high dan ranking in the UK? Or even better put the question to the dojo in question

Seems clear to me what I wrote. Roy is of the age to have poss known something of Vernon Bell as are a lot of other high ranking dans in the uk
If you have a mind to ask Roy(and if he can be bothered with your questions about Vernon Bell) my name is Dave Jenkins.I trained with Roy on quite a few training sessions . Interesting that you say you trained in Kimura Shukokia yet the videos you posted seem to show minimum influence from that style. This isnt me poking fun just an observation.

What I suggested was ask him yourself or any of the other high ranking dan grades in the uk who can give their thoughts if they have a mind to on Vernon bell just so its clear on that matter.
From what I heard Vernon was good at what he did.

The other point I am making is based on a website photo you would seem to condem the organisation.Ever considered it might be a mistake on the web designers part?
For all you know that specific organisation might be good for the people who train in it.

I have said my piece, do as you will, but constant slating of karate ka/ martial artists to me goes against the ethics of most martial artists I know. Its a pity you dont live in the UK. Have you ever thought of visiting? I am sure a lot of practioners in dojos would welcome you. Quite a lot of practioners do read this forum. That is is how I found about it.

Pity that the technical side seems to be missing on the karate forum.

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