sorry to hear that. elementary school 'sensei' and 'sempai' - thats never been my experience. plus mark saying the kata taught there was dancing. plus the website looks like a cookie cutter mcdojo site/org...so yes, from my point of view it seems very likely a mcdojo.

but from your point of view...I'm sure it was really good stuff. mark seems to think he's become a better dancer from the Yoseikan experience....and thats great too.

Vernon Bell...I seem to remember seeing his signature on more than one 10th dan certificate via a sokeship council and hall of fame organization. Did Mr. Bell, with all respect, have authority to award 10th dan certificates?

nah, nevermind...wouldn't want to open that can o worms. The initiated can look it up for themselves.

you can have the last word if you want, I think I've read enough to answer my thread question.

Hi Ed? nth dan?
I am new to the forum and was lead to understand that the name of the forum was fighting Arts? There fore fighting arts were discussed?
Rather than ask and seemingly put someone down why dont you address your questions about Vernon Bell to some one like Roy Stanhope 7th dan or some other high dan ranking in the UK? Or even better put the question to the dojo in question
Roys website is on google. I am sure if he can be bothered answering the answers will be correct.

Looks like you two might have some interesting points of conversation.If Roy can be bothered then maybe ask him for his thoughts on your videos?

I study Vale Tudo.We dont realy bother to much with rank as such. More MMA's. I train some times at Catterick Garrison UK where a lot of competative martial artists train. Google it if you are wondering where it is. I enjoy reading about technical debates with most martial arts there is always something to learn but I dont realy enjoy reading arguments about how a website reflects on what their organisation does or doesnt do.
What say you address these comments to the people involved?
I am sure they would or wouldnt like to hear from you?
Have fun

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