Sorry Ed, completely forgot about that email address, havenít used it in ages, must have a look and see whatís been sent....

Vernon Bell, I have never trained under him, but I have trained with lots who have, hmmm, some of the stories are well, strange.

But he was the person that brought karate to England so i guess that gets some genuine fame.

Lots of yoseikan styles sprung up around the world, very few instructors endorsed by Minoru or Hiroo Mochizuki, they just use the name, which is, I guess McDojo in its self.
But who cares really, If people want a 10yr old dan grade, as long as it doesnít affect me I donít care what they do.
I once trained with a 15yr old, 5th dan at a seminar, I was a 4th dan at the time, but twice his age. Grade, Age, size, gender who cares! its what you can do, or what you can teach that really matters.

Hey Ed, heres some real MCdojo stuff, I was once in a jujutsu association that was based 500miles from me, I took my 2nd dan grading on the telephone!!! I just phoned up one day to check some licenses and as I had reached my annual quota. I was eligible for the grade!!! Can anyone out Mcdojo that!!?
Needless to say I wasnít with them very long, well not after I fax graded to 6th danÖ.
Actually as I think about it, I never sent them any money for that intensive grading, I never had my certificate or grading license stamped, so when I graded Properly, with another association, for 3rd dan in Jujitsu, I actually went from 1st to 3rd , even more Mcdojo

As I never wore tags on my black belt, I didnít matter, and I only needed the Jujitsu grade for insurance purposes so I was qualified to teach locks, throws etc.

Lol, I would have needed 5 belts for the different grades in each discipline, wow that would have been wonderfully vain.

Better still, I really should get a red and white block belt, and really show off,


PS: Sorry Ed I dont understand "a certificate mill endorsing founder and mark says his place taught him "

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